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Buying a mobile phone: how to avoid unwanted overpayments

posted by Neval
Buying a mobile phone: how to avoid unwanted overpayments

Buying a Phone

Mobile phones have long been listed in the category of essential goods. It’s hard to imagine even one day of life without this irreplaceable gadget, which has ceased to be only a means of mobile communication, but has become a tool for access to the Internet, performs the functions of photo and video cameras and much more.

Disadvantages of buying in the offline segment

When there is a need to buy a new mobile phone or smartphone, many are sent to the nearest electronics store, where they have to overpay 95% of the time compared to Internet prices. What leads customers to ordinary stores? First of all, the illusion of convenience: you can go to the nearest store on the way from work or while walking. But in fact, going to ordinary stores involves a forced loss of a lot of time. First, not always the seller-consultant is free and is ready to immediately answer the questions. Secondly, the store has its own schedule and may be closed for lunch or overnight. Thirdly, the study of the assortment of goods in the storefront takes a decent amount of time, which could be spent on something else. Phone it is better to buy on the Internet – so many have decided for themselves who have ever made a purchase in a conventional electronics and digital equipment store. And over time the number of adherents of such a position only grows.

Buying a Phone

Arguments in favor of internet shopping

Buying a smartphone or mobile phone online is the choice of people with progressive views who value their time and realize that ordinary trade will offer them the same goods with a higher percentage of the markup. Online stores operate at a minimum of operating costs, so they can afford a purely symbolic mark-up for goods, which makes them competitive at a price. As a result, buyers see a significant difference between the Internet price and the price tag in ordinary stores. Sometimes it can reach up to 50% and even exceed this value.

But in the network there are shops with different pricing policies. Sometimes you can find the same product on different sites, offered at a completely different price. Having stopped on a more advantageous proposal, the buyer does not always save a maximum, because there can be a third site where you can make such a purchase even cheaper. To find such a site quickly and effortlessly help services aggregators like, which compare the prices of different online stores to the user selected goods.

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