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Nano-inked will allow you to create luminous holograms with a simple inkjet printer

posted by Neval
Nano-inked will allow you to create luminous holograms with a simple inkjet printer

printing by functionalized nanoparticles

Scientists-chemists of the St. Petersburg University ITMO have developed a unique technology for the formation of luminescent nanostructures with the help of inkjet printing. In practice, it allows creating iridescent holograms with the help of nanoparticles of specially prepared metals.

The development of inkjet printing technologies for optical structures at the university has been going on for several years. At first, titanium dioxide nanoparticles were used as inks, which made it possible to create the first prototype of a hologram.

printing by functionalized nanoparticles

The second step was the adaptation of preparations synthesized on the basis of zirconia with additions of europium. This technology is a multi-step process, as a result of which unique ink is created, forming luminous holograms with a high degree of protection.

According to one of the leaders of research Alexander Vinogradov, the development is almost ready for practical use. To date, it has already attracted the attention of a number of companies. In particular, one of the most promising areas of its use is “secure printing”, printing of securities, banknotes, as well as documents reliably protected from forgery.

printing by functionalized nanoparticles

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