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Post-DHL robots began delivering the first parcels in Germany

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Post-DHL robots began delivering the first parcels in Germany


The mayor of Bad Hersfeld in central Germany approved the implementation of a pilot infrastructure project. In the next six weeks, DHL postal workers and staff will work together with fellow robots. Autonomous cars will almost independently move around the city streets and deliver parcels.

At the company DHL openly declare the desire for innovation and bold decisions. This autumn, the formation of a fleet of autonomous vehicles was launched, the first of which were the robots Parcelcopter and PostBOT. One flies, the second travels, and both carry parcels, using machine learning skills.

The PostBOT drone is a transport trolley with an electric motor with a carrying capacity of 150 kg. He was equipped with a system of orientation on the ground – the first time the route the robot follows, looking at the posters of the guide post, and then can repeat this path independently. He does not go fast, at a speed of 6 km / h, has a height of 150 cm and learns how to avoid obstacles, and does not interfere with pedestrians himself. The task for PostBOT is exactly one: to take the goods to the specified coordinates.

Such robots are needed by DHL in the first place in order to optimize the services for the delivery of orders from online stores. People buy more and more – postmen have to carry heavy boxes more often. But you can easily cope with this robot! It remains only to verify how effective the machine will be able to work in a real street environment.


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