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Tesla has created a “tiny house” to showcase its energy developments

posted by Neval
Tesla has created a “tiny house” to showcase its energy developments

Tesla House

Tesla has announced the creation of a small house that will be able to demonstrate its developments in the field of energy, such as solar panels and electric accumulators. He received from the company laconic title “Tesla Tiny House” (Tesla Tiny House).

The house contains a mobile design studio and a configurator that are designed to help its owners think through the system of generation and accumulation of energy for their homes. The “Tiny House” itself is 100 percent fed by renewable energy thanks to solar installations. Energy is generated by a 2-kilowatt panel and is stored in the Powerwall, which allows it to be used day and night.

Tesla House

At the moment, Tesla’s tiny house goes on a tour of Australia, during which he will visit all the major cities of the mainland. The purpose of this tour is to tell the Australians about the use of energy solutions from Tesla, which allow electricity to be supplied at home in 24/7 mode.

This program has good reasons. Australia is the most important market for Tesla. This country has the highest level of use of solar panels per capita in the world. Almost 15% of Australian households use solar energy, which is about 1.5 million homes. In addition, the company has large orders outside the residential sector. Recently, Tesla won a contract to develop a giant 100 MW / 129 MWh electricity storage system, which is designed to stabilize the entire South Australian power grid.

Tesla House

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