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Every glorious moment Benji appears in Netflix’s new ‘Benji’ trailer

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Every glorious moment Benji appears in Netflix’s new ‘Benji’ trailer

Benji, scruffy solver of crimes, quasher of kidnappings, sniffer of butts, is coming to Netflix.

Dropping a trailer on Monday, Netflix is bringing the problem-solving canine back in a brand-new movie written and directed by Brandon Camp, son of Joe Camp, who created the Benji movie franchise.

In the trailer, we get our first glimpse of the new Benji. Scruffy as ever, he’s prowling the mean streets:

Seeing his new BFF across a crowded plaza:

Gently taking a strawberry from said BFF:

Unsettlingly staring into a child’s bedroom:

Being let in!

Being judgemental:

Having a bath!

Getting a prush (brush/pat):

Blending in:

Reading a book:

Being too loud:

Being found by Mom:

Pleading his case to Mom:

Investigating the sudden kidnapping of his new family:

Chasing the bad guys:

Following the strawberry trail:

Stealing evidence from the 5-0:

Ditching the cops:

Getting the heck outta there:

Continuing to ditch the cops:

Getting all rain-soggy:

Casually catching a tram:

Staring determinedly from said tram:

Showing some tiny little teeth:

Strategically pushing a garbage bin:

Scaling a building:

Making short work of a fire escape:

Settling back in with the family:


Scoping out more crime!

What a rush. Benji comes to Netflix on March 16. We’re gonna watch the hell out of it.

Here’s the trailer in all its glory:

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