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Air taxi from the German company Lilium flies faster than a combat helicopter

posted by Neval
Air taxi from the German company Lilium flies faster than a combat helicopter

Flying taxi Lilium

German company Lilium reported on the successful receipt of funding for the project to create a flying taxi – 90 million dollars. Thanks to this, the company’s total capital increased to $ 100 million. This money will be used to create a five-seat commercial flying taxi on electric traction Lilium and increase the staff of the device to 70 people.

As previously reported , in April of this year the company successfully tested a full-sized two-person taxi prototype, which managed to switch from hovering mode to horizontal flight mode. The pilot version was designed to fly at a speed of 400 km / h. Thanks to the retractable chassis, Lilium will be able to use for take-off and landing small areas within the city limits of 15 x 15 meters.

Flying taxi Lilium

The five-seater version will fly at a speed of 300 km / h for a range of 300 km on a single charge, while the speed of delivery of passengers will exceed that of a conventional taxi 5 times, and the flight itself will be cheaper than an “earthly” trip.

Success in many respects will depend on the development team, so the company is interested in attracting world-class professionals. The first controlled flight Lilium expects to make as early as 2019.

Flying taxi Lilium

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