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Adventure Tape – a reusable “XXI century tape of the XXI century” for adventurers

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Adventure Tape – a reusable “XXI century tape of the XXI century” for adventurers

Adventure Tape

The new Adventure Tape startup focuses on those who lead an active lifestyle – with the attendant amount of minor equipment damage. This product is a cross between a rope, a bandage and an adhesive tape, it does not have an adhesive layer, but is elastic, durable and, importantly, adapted for reusable use. In a variety of conditions.

Adventure Tape is positioned as a “ribbon for adventure” (no matter what it was), with its help you can make minor repairs on the road. Unlike rope, polyurethane tape stretches 8 times and shrinks back, without losing its properties. Yes, there is no glue here and it can not be closed in the air mattress. But you can fast rewind leaky shoes – thanks to high adhesion, the layers of tape stick to each other, and fixed all the usual knot.

Adventure Tape

The tape is water resistant, resistant to mechanical damage and does not lose its elasticity at temperatures up to -20 ° C. For its storage use tin containers of different volume – you can always unwrap the unnecessary knot and hide the rest of the tape in reserve.

For sale Adventure Tape will come in three versions, with a width of 9, 18 and 43 mm, 3.6 meters in a roll. The cost of a universal package with three packages, plus screeds for connecting ribbons of different widths, will be $ 28. The authors of the startup do not even try to state that their product will be replaced by good old Scotch tape and strong twine – but it will be able to find its niche in the market of tourist equipment.

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