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Secrets of a flat stomach: how correctly to swing a press?

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Secrets of a flat stomach: how correctly to swing a press?

It turns out that more than half of people who are engaged in fitness, pump the press incorrectly. This statistic easily explains the fact that it is the abdominal area that is problematic in 30 percent of women and 60 percent of men. And did you notice how quickly stars come into shape? The thing is that personal trainers do not just pick up individually effective exercises for them, but also control the proper execution of standard ones.

Secrets of a flat stomach: how correctly to swing a press

There are many universal tips and techniques for correctly performing exercises on the press, and these exercises are suitable for most women and men.

To begin with, you must understand that each exercise is directed at a particular group of muscles in the press: the lower press, the upper, oblique muscles, etc.

The main mistake that most people make is an improper distribution of power, which leads to the fact that you are shaking your neck, not the press. The universal advice can be formulated as follows: lift and hold the torso solely with abdominal muscles. Tear the scapula completely off the floor, and point the chin to the ceiling, otherwise you risk injuring your neck. The criterion is simple: if during the classes you constantly feel the tension of the contracted muscles of the abdominal cavity, and in the neck there is no tension, then you pump the press correctly.

How to properly press the press

Another misconception is the view that before the exercises the press does not need stretching. Before any training, even if it is short, it is necessary to do warming up of muscles.

Do not forget about the stomach – it must be empty before training. Especially it concerns exercises for the press.

Most often, coaches recommend first to swing the lower press (movements with raised legs), then go to the oblique muscles (twisting), and then – to the upper press (lifting the torso).

However, following the instructions of this popular online video, you will very quickly come to form, giving exercises to the press only 8 minutes a day.

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