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A comical study showed why men are more likely to suffer a cold

posted by Neval
A comical study showed why men are more likely to suffer a cold

Canadian family doctor Kyle Sue analyzed over 30 articles from scientific journals to find the answer to the question: is it true that men suffer a cold more heavily than women? His research published a special humorous issue of The British Medical Journal , timed to coincide with the New Year holidays.


The author of the comic work has found several studies concerning the difference between the sexes for colds and viral infections. The authors of one of the articles found that increasing the level of testosterone in mice decreases the immune response in a collision with the influenza virus, and some female sex hormones increase it. Another study claims that the cells of the female body before the onset of menopause proved to be more resistant to rhinoviruses than cells of men of the same age or women in the period of menopause. A study of seasonal influenza epidemics in Hong Kong showed that ill men are at greater risk of hospitalization.


However, Kyle Sue believes that in fact to draw conclusions about the special danger of cold and flu for men is not worth it. The doctor indicates that these studies do not take into account many additional risk factors, such as smoking. Also, many studies show that men rarely consult a doctor and undergo preventive examinations, and generally make less effort to recover. The doctor believes that in the future this topic can be awarded more extensive and serious research.

Special holiday editions of The British Medical Journal have been published for more than thirty years. They publish studies performed by traditional methods based on reliable sources, but affecting non-standard medical journal topics. For example, in previous issues, the authors of the articles refuted the myth about the danger of age at the age of 27 for famous musicians, and also found that James Bond’s favorite cocktail was to negatively affect the reaction and accuracy of the special agent. Editors The British Medical Journalemphasize: “Although [in preparing the holiday number] we welcome a humorous approach and satire, we do not publish rallies, hoaxes and fabricated studies.” Articles in the New Year issue are the same peer review process as in the regular issues of the magazine.

Previously, researchers found that bearded men are less susceptible to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium that can cause pneumonia.

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