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Steampunk-style rover and origami probe are sent to conquer Venus

posted by Neval
Steampunk-style rover and origami probe are sent to conquer Venus


The NASA Agency has uncovered several new conceptual probes that may one day go to explore Venus and other planets of our solar system. Many of these concepts use very unusual ideas that were not used before. For example, among them there are projects of folding devices in the spirit of “origami”, or robots in the style of steampunk.

Probe-origami is by far the most elaborate one. This rover, which carries a special robotic design, capable of decomposing to collect and focus the sun’s rays. This can solve the problem of rovers, which sometimes find themselves trapped in the shadows, where they can not get the necessary energy and independently get out.

Thanks to their ability to transform, robotic panels can take another form, collect and redirect the rover to the sunlight. Potentially, such origami constructions can be used to deliver light and energy to inhabited colonies and lunar bases. This technology will allow to build settlements in areas that otherwise would be too dark and cold for living.


Another interesting concept is the “steampunk rover” AREE, which has a mechanical computer and a wind turbine. This combination of components allows the probe to work in extremely cold areas on the night side of Venus, where the temperature reaches -173 ° C.

These and two dozen other concepts are undergoing NASA expertise for the next phase of development. The winning probes will receive the necessary funding and will be able to travel not only to Venus, but also to Enceladus and Europe – other promising areas of space exploration in the next ten years.

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