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The new highest mountain of the British Overseas Territories is named

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The new highest mountain of the British Overseas Territories is named

Mount Hope, located in the British Antarctic Territory, was the highest point in the British Overseas Territories. New measurements showed that Hope rises above sea level by 3,239 meters, half a meter above Mount Jackson (3,184 m), which was considered the highest point in the overseas territories of the UK so far. The error in the new measurements is only 5 meters, so even with the maximum deviation from reality, Hope Mountain is higher than Mount Jackson.


The new maps were presented at the autumn meeting of the American Geophysical Union on the International Mountain Day of the United Nations, the BBC reported . BAS geographers introduced colleagues to the results of satellite measurements made by NASA WorldView-2. The photographs from the satellite clearly show the peaks of both mountains; their height scientists measured using photogrammetry, which allows you to estimate the size of the object from several photographs taken from different positions.


The measurements were carried out by experts from the Arctic Administration of Great Britain; they had a practical task – to clarify the map of Antarctica for the needs of air navigation. New maps from the old ones are distinguished not only by the height of Mount Hope; geographers had to “move” large mountains and glaciers, sometimes up to 5 kilometers.


The new highest mountain of the British Overseas Territories is named

The mountain range, to which Hope Mountain belongs, rose 50-100 million years ago, when the oceanic tectonic plate descended beneath the Antarctic platform. Volcanoes, awakened in the area of ​​plate slip, threw a magma on the surface, which, frozen, was later fragmented by glaciers and carried along the Antarctic Peninsula. The decrease in the total mass of the mountain massif caused an additional uplift of the mountains.


The highest points of Antarctica are still the peaks of the Wilson Massif, reaching an altitude of 4892 m. On the territory of Great Britain, the highest mountain is Ben Nevis in Scotland (1,342 m). British Arctic territories are not part of the United Kingdom and belong to the British Overseas Territories; under the Antarctic Treaty of 1961 Great Britain, as the country that voiced territorial claims to part of Antarctica before the signing of the treaty, retains “the basis for claims”, but Antarctica does not fall under the sovereignty of any state of the world.

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